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Cincinnati Inflatables Events

Let’s be honest, kids love inflatables, and the bigger the inflatable the better! Kid’s aren’t the only ones who love bounce houses and inflatables though, teenagers and adults love them too! There’s an inflatable for just about every type of event, but as you know, inflatables aren’t the only things that an event needs.  

Company picnics, school days, and after proms all would enjoy lots of inflatable fun! These parties will also need a place to rest, food, beverages, music, physical actives, souvenirs, entertainers who interact, and creative projects and activities that reach each of your demographics.  

You may also desire a photographer to capture the event for your organization and we can help with that as well! 

  • After Proms
  • Company Picnics
  • Team Building
  • Company Parties

Cincinnati Inflatables After Proms

After Proms

We offer many themes such as: circus, western, sports, and around the world, just to name a few!  

At “Circus” After Proms, we create a sense of wonder right away. We do this by placing fire performers and an aerial rig with acrobats performing at the school’s entrance.  We want to grab the students attention, and exceed their expectations before they even check in. To keep their enthusiasm going, we place a magician just inside to entertain the kids while they check in.  As students enter the gym they are greeted by a twelve foot tall stilt walking Ringmaster.  Then they are treated to a gym with classic inflatables, large inflatable obstacle courses, an inflatable wrecking ball, and several others.  The star of the gym is our portable flying trapeze, with our staff performing, teaching, and helping the students to fly!

We know that every student is different, so we create unique spaces throughout the school for the students. For instance, in the wrestling room we can place a juggling workshop, a tightrope workshop, and even a knife throwing workshop each with an instructor.  In the library we could place giant games including: giant chess, giant operation, giant battle ship, and a game show host running trivia games all night. In one corner we provide green screen photography with circus backgrounds and props, so the students can have a picture with all their friends to take home.  In another corner we have a bed of nails, and students (with the help of a performer) actually get to try it!  At the end of the night the students gather for a comedy mentalist.  A mentalist is a mind reading magician, he’s very funny and uses lots of volunteers from the audience.

We can take any theme and make it a night to remember!

Cincinnati Inflatables Company Picnics

Company Picnics

Great companies have picnics, but not all company picnics are great. Company picnics are best when they enhance your work environment and further the company. Thus, a company picnic is more than just a reward. Taking the company to an amusement park is great, but fun alone does little to further the company. Employees aren’t seen for hours, and are not put into a place where they can interact positively with each other. In addition, amusement parks are a very expensive option. Hosting a company picnic at your facility or at a local park will save your company a large amount of money, and is a great step toward improving your office moral.

Here’s an example of great company picnic that we assisted with: As their guests arrived, we filled an area with several giant, inflatable rides because we wanted to catch their attention from the start. In the parking lot there was a train with train station, and as people parked and began to walk in, they were all greeted by a friendly stilt walker (who later made balloon animals for the kids)! Off to one side, we placed an area where we brought in classic picnic games (sack races, inflatable pony hoppers, and 9 hole miniature golf) people could play. They even competed for raffle tickets to win prizes. In another area we placed a large selection of giant games including: giant checkers, giant jenga, and giant connect four.

Wanting to give people something to take home with them, we created a wax hands station and a caricature artist under one pavilion, and a juggler teaching juggling in another. The company had lunch and drinks catered, but we provided a PA system that played music, and allowed several people to make speeches after lunch.  There are lots of picnic options and you may be surprised at everything we can do. No event is too big or too small, we have provided services to GE for “Family Day” and it’s a large crowd!

Cincinnati Inflatables Team Building

Company Team Building

One company looking for a way to bring their team together, rented out our trapeze school at Burnet Woods. As their guests arrived, they were greeted by our friendly trapeze staff. We set up tables, chairs, and a tent for them to sit under.
Because not everyone is physical, we brought in a caricature artist and a magician to entertain. We also brought a camera and someone  to be the photographer for the group.
While our flight staff coached their people on flying, and belted them up, other members of our team fired up our grill and began prepping their lunch. They flew, ate, and drank for two hours, had a wonderful time cheering each other on, and then we were able to call it a day.
See more corporate team building ideas on our Corporate Entertainment page!

Cincinnati Inflatables Company Parties

Company Parties & Holiday Parties

Themed parties with fun activities are a great way to bring people together. We offer many themes for company parties, and lots of great games, corporate entertainment, and fun!

Great company party themes are: Holidays, Gangster, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Western, Circus, Carnival, and Spies.
We provide Casino Nights, Game Shows, Murder Mysteries, music, and activities.

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